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If you think there's something in this idea and you'd like to help shape it there are ways you could very easily get involved.

  1. Go to a random post, such as one of these... 

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    • ... and have a read and think about what tags would be important in terms of helping to get that post in front of a teacher (or student) who might find it useful when teaching (or learning) a particular topic. Check the tags that are already there. Are there any missing? Are any incorrect, unhelpful, or superfluous? Let me know! Commenting on the post itself is probably the best, but I can be contacted in other ways too.

  2. Suggest something that should be added (scroll down for a submission form!). It needs to be freely available (i.e. not behind a paywall), a representative image would be great (with appropriate usage rights) and some suggestions for tagging.

    • It must fit with the theme of the site: an example of actual maths happening in the real world. Worksheets and teaching resources can be fantastic, but if it's contrived this is not the place for it, however good it is.

  3. Write something original. Do you use or have you used maths in the real world somewhere? Maybe you can pull a maths topic out of your daily job role and use this space to explain what you do, why it's important, and how it matches up with what's taught.

    • If you know there's maths in what you do but you're not confident about making it accessible to non-specialists I can probably link you up with someone who could help out.

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