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Some maths teaching activities based on Glastonbury! This is a lot more contrived than much of the stuff I try to link to on here, but having been part a festival committee many moons ago the general idea of some of these is close to bits of the reality.


Space Maths: Teaching Resources

STEM Learning play host to a collection of teaching resources from the European Space Education Resource Office:

ESERO & STEM Learning: Space Teaching Resources:

How to Draw an Ellipse

As part of an online session on Kepler's 1st & 2nd laws I described how to draw an ellipse using two pins, a pencil, and a loop of string. The participants asked for some instructions that they could use after the session, so here they are:


Hawking Radiation

There's plenty of maths in various areas of physics. Click below for a quick post explaining our understanding of Hawking radiation and its routes in mathematics.


Squashing the Curve: Pandemic Modeling

Towards the beginning of 2020's Covid-19 outbreak there was much talk about "flattening the curve" to reduce strain on medical services. This article, published in March, compares English government plans released at the time with an early study by Imperial College, London.


Maths as a Developer

Contrary to most experiences in internet-land, the comments are where to go for the meat of this discussion on Luke Garrigan's post asking where programmers and developers use mathematics. There are a broad variety of responses from

"we're doing a huge disservice to our CS students by teaching so much math,"


"I expect there's a fair bit of it around, it's just not acknowledged as such,"


"Even when most of the work I'm doing comes from an external library an understanding of the math behind the functions is the difference between success and frustrating failure."

Check it out at the link below. Maybe some of you will have experiences of your own to contribute so please do join in with the discussion!


A Partition Enigma

Colin answers a question on partitioning numbers, prompted by an aspect of Enigma codebreaking discussed in Dermot Turing's book, X, Y & Z: The Real Story of How Enigma Was Broken.

Ask Uncle Colin: A Partition Enigma:

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