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Everyday Maths Posters

This collection of resources is getting on a bit now but they still look equally smart on a bedroom, classroom or common room wall.
It comprises printable posters aimed at secondary school-age students...
  • ... highlighting everyday maths in indices, algebra, binomial theorem, differentiation, exponentials, geometry, graphs, imaginary numbers, inequalities, integration, logarithms, numerical methods, prime numbers, probability, pythagoras, quadratic equations, sequences, trigonometry, and venn diagrams;
  • ... answering the question "when will I ever need maths," focusing on art, business studies, food technology, geography, ICT, PE, and science;
  • ... hinting at the use of maths in real-world careers, hobbies and interests including aerospace, engineering, music, nature, navigation, and sport;
  • ... highlighting careers where A-Level maths is helpful
and a handful of posters by maths undergraduates on circles, the shape of the universe, and the zeta function.

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